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The software chain

Here is a brief description of all the software you’re going to use:
  • Comedi
    A set of drivers that allows your machine to interface with a great number of data acquisition (DAQ) boards.
  • RTAI
    Real Time Application Interface - an extension to Linux Kernel that allows the execution of processes with hard real-time features.
  • Scicoslab
    A popular scientific computation environment - provides a CACSD (Control Applications Computer Aided Control System Design) GUI for modeling and control.
  • RTAI-Lib
    Adds a toolbox to Scicoslab to interface with DAQ’s ports, as well as compiling real-time executables. 
  • QRTAILab
    QRTAILab can connect to a running target and monitor scopes, meters and LEDs, as well as changing model parameters on-the-fly.
  • RTAI-XML:  
    This software is composed of two parts: a server running in background on your real-time control machine, and a GUI client that allows you to monitor target and control its parameters from a remote machine through the TCP/IP protocol.