RTAI-XML is a server component of the Real Time Application Interface (RTAI) project, implementing a service oriented way to design and develop Real Time (RT) control applications.

RTAI-XML in a nutshell

RTAI-XML consists of a server component waiting for incoming calls on a box where a Real Time process, the Target, is running (or ready to). A generic client program, the Host, can reach the server through the TCP/IP network, using a standard protocol based on XML, and hence interact with the Target, in order to monitor the status of the RT process, to see the signals collected (or generated) by the system and also to fetch and change the RT parameters (for example, the gains of a PID feedback ring). In other words, RTAI-XML provides a simple way towards remoting of control applications, adding flexibility to the RTAI project, without loosing the key features of an open and standard implementation. The RTAI-XML section of this site presents the details of the implementation. The general architecture is revised, in order to focus the three key components, the Server, the Server-Target interface and the Server-Host communication. The Applications section contains some examples of control systems based on RTAI-XML and the References section contains hints and links for further readings on this topic.

Getting started

Firstly take a look to the RTAI-XML subsections of this site and then download the server component. In addition to this, you can watch at the applications for having suggestions and coding hints.